A woman dressing is one department that is full of colors. It is always trendy and it always needs more innovation and development. Be it a simple jeans and tank top, or a fancy night gown with floor length sleeves that sway causing disturbance all over – the way a woman dresses, in every season, defines who she is.

Being a woman, you have a zillion options to dress trendy and dress nicely. They range from crazy skirts to downtrodden vests to even sweaters that look sexy and sometimes slacks that are oversized! Yes, this might sound crazy but you can do every fashion that you want – if you just know how to carry it.

Women dressing have to be thought of in complete detail and harmony. If you are wearing a bulky sweater, it has to be worn on top of pants that are tailored. Sometimes long sweaters also go with skirts. If you have a low cut sweater, you should wear a tight hugging shirt under this. This balance refrains your body from looking like a bloc of fabric – and instead often makes you look appealing. Even looking slouchy at times can be cool – but keep that look for specific occasions, instead of making it your style statement.

Keep in mind women dressing should not be done by over layering. Imagine a disaster of a long T-shirt along with a big vest and even more shapeless scarf’s on top of it.

Another aspect of women dressing are the shoes. They make or break your look. Never wear an ugly and worn out pair of shoes, they ruin your impression. Wear clean sneakers instead or chic boots. Occasionally also wear heels especially at occasions with matching. Another casual option is wearing sandals. They come in every variety and are the easiest to wear. Never forget to make your feet look presentable too. Clean feet shine always with their own personality.