For the uninitiated, buying furniture online can be a daunting task, but there are a few ways to go about it to make sure you don’t make an expensive mistake. One can pick up a whole manner of products online nowadays, from custom made curtains to a new sofa, and these tips should help you along the way.

Look far and wide

As long as you have a general idea of what it is you are after, a quick online search should help you narrow down the choices. Even if the search results are not exactly what you were picturing, more often than not it will provide inspiration via similar products anyway, and perhaps even provide inspiration for the rest of the room in question. Ultimately, you could end up making your own curtains from an online tutorial after searching for something similar.


The internet is full of forums and comment boards full of like-minded people who can either provide you with their own experience, give reviews of products you are also interested in, or provide inspiration for your interior design project. There are also professional sites out there, some free, that will create a digital picture of the space you’re working on, with some added features like colour scheme or cupboard units, so you can make a more informed choice.


Buying furniture online is not always an easy process, for many obvious reasons. Firstly, with big purchases, like upholstery, most people want to see and feel it before making a choice, and also to judge the dimensions of the object in relation to their home. Photos online often betray the actual look and colour of the object. Secondly, postage and packing for these types of items can get to ridiculous levels, particularly if buying from overseas.

For these problems, it’s always a wise idea to consult online forums as stated earlier, in order to find out the truth from experienced consumers, and for shipping costs always research thoroughly before committing to a purchase, even ringing up the company in question  if need be. Lastly, measure and measure again and again, whilst always checking back with the dimensions given by the manufacturer. A sofa that won’t even fit in the room is a very expensive door stop!