Casual dresses are a category that is so wide that often it becomes controversial. One class can have a definition of casual – but the other class will totally reject it. Women clothing differs from all ages to times to status. Below mentioned are some of the most obvious tips that should be kept in mind when thinking of trendy clothing for women.

One of the major elements included in women clothing is the jeans. Being comfortable and very durable, they are the right choice for casual yet stylish. The greatest invention by far is Denim. They are easy to wear, accessorize and even use daily without a wash! They work washed, stretched and even faded as well. Now days, the jeans have come in a variety of types as well such as bell shaped, boot cut, low rise, skinniness etc.

Next comes in a T shirt that is just right for the occasion. The T – shirts now come in all types of prints, which can range from full colored, to cute embellishments’, to pictures of rock stars to even quotations that will leave the viewer wondering. They come in all sizes. Some are half sleeved and some come in full sleeves too. It is however, a rule in T shirts that no one should wear faded or stained or even rumpled up shirts. Many women clothing t shirts include feminine cuts and trendy colors.

The most basic foot wear included in women clothing is a slip on. These can be worn under very short or even floor touching dresses. They are usually made of linen, cotton or lawn. They can be entirely plain or can be fancied up with ribbons, laces and other embellishments’. Like t shirts, slip on should also be worn only when in best shape. A torn, ripped or faded slip on does not look stylish.