Years ago when white became the new fashion trend, it was most common to wear a white bra and panty underneath your white colored clothes. Experience has, however, proved this wrong. White undergarments are still visible so it is always a wise idea to wear skin toned garments underneath when wearing white on top.

If the white you’re using is in bits and pieces or in some parts of your dress, be careful as to where you are using it. White makes anything look bigger. So refrain from using it on parts that are already large. Like thighs, chest, hips etc. instead when wearing white try to use it in places that will highlight your figure in a positive way.

If you have a hosiery, throw it away. This particular piece of garment, and that too in white, has no place in your wardrobe after the age of 5. Make sure that you never wear it – especially if you are chubby, and short.

Are you thing of wearing white shoes? True they are screaming summer, but wearing them will make your feet look bigger and your legs look shorter which may be a complete disaster if you are short heighted and with a tall boyfriend. Instead try looking for shoes that elongate your figure and give your feet shape too. Flesh colored and neutral tones are the best in summers.

Finally, don’t wear white to a wedding. An undershirt that is white maybe okay depending upon what you wear and your structure. But an all white will firstly give competition with the bride. It will also make you look like a school kid attending their first wedding.